An introduction to The Charlton Marshall History Project


 Book Launch Evening 25.08.2011

 The articles below have mainly been published in the Three Villages News and have been left very much in their original format.

1. Those that appeared before publication of the Book.

1657: Churchwarden's Accounts
1713: Church Remodelling
1789: The Newfoundland Connection
1847: Church Room
1871: A case at County Court
1877: Primitive Methodist Preaching Room
1880: Fellmongers
1881: A fruitful pair
1881: Merrythought Bone
1885: A Conservative Meeting
1887: Village Pump
1888: Vandalism
1895: Church Restoration
1897: Yew Tree
1898: Weather
1908: Village Lecture
1910: Church Finances
1912: Weather
2005: Tombstones and Memorials

2. Those that appeared after publication of the book.

How did it begin Part 1
How did it begin Part 2
Charlton Marshall Halt Closure
First World War
Major General Sir Charles Walters D’Oyly, 1822-1900, Creator of Newlands, Charlton Marshall

More about Major-General Sir Charles Walters D'Oyly

For those with an interest in the history of the railway, there is already some information about the Somerset and Dorset Joint Railway online and also information regarding the station project at Spetisbury.


Pictures not able to be included in the book "Charlton Marshall Aspects of our Story"

The following pictures are shown in order from north to south i.e. from Blandford direction towards Poole.


1. The Village shop,which was replaced by a modern one to the rear and then by Parva Cottages.


 2. Gravel Lane, junction with Bournemouth Road, showing building which is now part of "Rivers Edge", the timber portion of which was demolished to widen the main road.


3. Gravel Lane and "Old Dairy Cottage", from the island. This picture was taken by an American serviceman during W.W.2.


4. The Bricklayers Arms in Gravel Lane.



 5. Bournemouth Road, before widening, in the early 1960's. Old Wayside House" on the left with The Old Farmhouse on the right showing the part that was demolished to make way for the road.


6. Cottages, some now extended, in what was Bournemouth Road, now a service road.


7. Bournemouth Road



8. Bournemouth Road, cottages that have been demolished. See 9.



9. Old map of Village centre.


10. The Charlton Inn (first building on the right).


11. Oakcrest Garage which was between Greenfield Road and Green Close, taken in the late 1990's.



 12. The shop which is now the Old Bakery Cottages, by the Church Room.